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You only pay for the accounts you use, nothing more, nothing less 😍

Pricing made easy

Pay only for the accounts you need, no pricing brackets, no hidden fees. Pay per account connection and use how you wish.

Billed monthly
Save up to 15%
For those following signals




1 Connected account
Copy other traders
Account analytics
Priority support
Instant alerts
For those using our trade copier




No limits - Pay per account
Ideal for Prop Trading
Portfolio Analytics
Equity Protection
Economic News Calendar
Priority Support
Instant Notifications
MetaTrader Support
Social Trading*
All Features Included
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Outstanding service

Traders Connect assistance is First class despite their prices being the most flexible and competitive in the market...


Bruno Galardi Este

Verified Review


I have been looking for an easy to use trade copier - everyone suggests the same - then I found traders connect...


De Villiers Wolhuter

Verified Review

More than 10 accounts

I copy my trades between more than 10 accounts so consistency is really important for my trade copier....

Griff Jones

Griff Jones

Verified Review

Incredible customer...

Reached out to Gary for some help this week and he spend days helping me out with the issue (related to a prop firm)...

George Toskov

George Toskov

Verified Review

Great Product

This is a really neat product. Very easy to setup and use, does its job perfectly - couldn’t ask for anything more.

Pricing FAQ

Have a question related to pricing? Check common answers below.

Why are you priced per account?

Simple, Traders Connect maintain a connection with your account 24/7, listening for any trades you place, and being connected ready to execute trades within a few milliseconds. If we do not maintain a connection 24/7, this would not be possible.

With this, comes costs, our custom built trading terminal runs in the cloud, every account we connect is a new terminal connection that we must maintain, without the correct pricing we could not offer the exceptional service we do.

Who is Individual for?

Our individual account is designed for a user with just a single account, looking to subscribe to another trader, or pass account management to another trader.

With Individual you get a single account connection for $15, as soon as you move to two or more accounts you will receive a reduced price of $10 per account.

Do you offer a free trial?

No, Traders Connect software is very simple to use, and just works. As long as you have a Metatrader 4, or Metatrader 5 account then you can use our platform.

We believe our product is exceptional value for money, we are also constantly working on new features.

Is there a maximum account limit?

No, we do not limit the amount of accounts you can connect. You simply pay for the number of accounts you need.

Can I use Traders Connect for Prop Trading?

Yes, you can use Traders connect with prop firms such as FTMO, My Forex Funds etc.

Please note, prop firms generally only allow you to copy your own trades, it is not recommended to subscribe to another copy service and copy to your own accounts, you risk having your account linked and terminated by your prop firm.

Our trade copier is ideal for those trading multiple personal prop firm accounts, and you need to keep your trades in sync between accounts, with easy risk management.

Is Traders Connect reliable?

Yes! We've built our platform using the latest Cloud technologies, we use low latency messaging systems in our backend, along with a cloud based containerised infrastructure, meaning we can scale our platform to any size depending on platform load.

We are reliable and ready to grow with you.

Do you offer any discounts?

We do not offer any discount on our subscriptions as we believe we have the best trade copier on the market, however, if you pay for 1 year, you will receive discounted pricing over monthly.

Made in UK